Chemovix at Conference in Lund April 2013

We at Chemovix really enjoyed the conference Trends in Organic Chemistry 2013 at the Medicon Village in Lund. Maybe it was because of the focus on Scale-Up! As there is nothing like being in total control of a large scale synthesis and manufacturing campaign when all systems are running full steam ahead - and then being successful in the end of course..!

Chemovix are experts in monitoring and control technologies and provide support for automating most common standard devices available in most labs. Don’t worry – if you don’t have the devices we can help you acquire them! If you not had prior experience with Chemovix and lab-automation made simple give us a chance and we will update you either through visits, WebEx or by other means. Please talk to us.

What About the Demo?

The 250 mL jacketed glass reactor was equipped with an IKA overhead stirrer and two Harvard syringe pumps connected through the USB serial extender to the laptop running LabGear ®.

At the conference we performed a double syringe pump titration adding both NaOH (aq) as well as HCl (aq) simultaneously to an NH4OAc (aq, 0.5% w/w) solution at ambient temperature. The solution inside the reactor was spiced with Bromothymolblue (BTB) and the setpoint was continually changed following a sinusoidal curve. PID control was of course necessary and as you can see in the graph below at around pKa for NH4OAc (NH3/NH4+ 9.25, AcO-/AcOH 4.75) the control was quite intensive. Still the application got the job done!

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