Organic Process Research Conference in Lisbon September 2013

Lisbon and Portugal greated us all with wonderful summer weather with temperatures above 30°C. In total 90+ speakers, delegates and exhibitors all had great opportunities to meet and get to know new contacts and re-connect with old friends and colleagues. This was especially true for me since AstraZeneca begun dismantling its' R&D capabilities around the globe and it became difficult to keep track of everyone.  

Chemovix brought the software application LabGear to the exhibition area. The attraction to catch people's attention could have been a jacketed lab reactor equipped with circulator bath, syringe pumps, overhead stirrer and logger. But instead we choose a slot car racing track, a children's toy! The catching pitch would be something along the lines; "Try and manually run lap by lap and obtain reproducible results! Same lap time, same speed without running off the track". Maybe the rig was a bit to misleading as we really want to present our tools for producing chemical processes of high standards, scalable, reproducible and safe!

The speakers were a very good set of skilled experts. Please find more details on the Scientific Update conference page.

Please let us know if you are interested in building your own slot car racing. The app actually works but unfortunately we did not manage to get it validated in time for the conference. Actually we were having a great deal of problems ahead of the meeting. The IOIO-OTG card failed on us twice and we had to return to the older IOIO version 2 board. Secondly the power connection was not matching. Clearly my own fault. The take home message is that automation can be applied to many different workflows and given ample time and resources we can build dedicated tools to support them. The technology is in fact ahead of our own imagination.

Chemovix will now reach out and look to see if your company is interested in automating the everyday business of a development chemist. We definitely would like to put forward our ideas on why not only specialist but all chemist should use flexible and dynamic automation in their daily work.

Thanks for all positive feedback we received!

Jörgen Blixt

View from Lisbon Castle